Clinica Marchetti

For over 50 years the primary activity was being a dental clinic. In 2017, it has been transformed into the first clinic for head and neck in the province of Sondrio. The project comprehended the review of the entire clinic’s communication, both analogic and digital.

We started re-styling the logo and the visual identity of the brand, applying a new minimalistic style and new colours.

We then designed a brand new website, in which are presented all the medical services offered inside the clinic and all of its technologies. We also gave importance to the clinic’s story and the staff that work there.

In order to make the new website more appealing and current, we needed new photos. So we took a photo shoot that gave us material for the website and for many other activities.

The next step was to launch the brand new clinic and the new website. So we put a digital campaign that comprehended social media and Google Adwords. We set up new pages for Facebook and Instagram, drafted a new editorial plan and planning paid advertisements and created targeted content for the promotion of new services. For this reason, we have created a specific motion graphic video for the presentation of the new clinic.

Another part of the project is the reserved area dedicated to the patients of the clinic. Inside this area, that’s still a work in progress, the patients will have an overview of their dental health, could ask for their medical reports and request for specific appointments. This area will be accessible via website and dedicated mobile app.

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Project realized as project manager with Webtek S.p.A., I do not own the copyrights of the project