Merizzi | Bistrot, Caffé, Bottega

Merizzi is a bistrot, restaurant, bar and shop placed in an historical palace in Tirano, north of Italy.

The request of the owner was to have some easy-to-update menus, because it changes every month, depending on seasonal food.

After research and various tests, we decided to use small wooden boards with a clip on the top to keep together the papers, so that they could be easily replaced with the new ones.

The first version of the menus was designed including photos for each category of food. Also photographies were seasonal, in fact we shooted 5 sets of photographies for winter, spring, summer, autumn and Christmas.

We also suggested to redesign the logo, because the previous one couldn’t give any information about the value or the style of the place.

All other output (like presentation papers, business cards, banners, cover for the ice cream showcase, the paper placemats) were realised by our suggestions, to promote and to give a unified image to the place.

Project realised in collaboration with: Giuseppe Esposito, Francesca Molteni.